Marija Grahovac Karan


Doctoral art project Force (Gallery Magacin, 2016) researches the digital graphic art in exterior environment. Project attempts to explore transposing of graphic art by moving it from interior to urban city exterior space, analyzing the changeable perception that a live space is creating for the observer. Project is taking into consideration how graphic art, as a classical art media, can be treated in contemporary art context and how relocating from usual exhibition presentation influences the artwork perception.

Computer created graphics are located on various places in downtown Belgrade: on the outer wall of Elementary School Skadarlija in Francuska street no. 26, in niches of Radio Beograd in Hilandarska street no. 2, on the facade of the Faculty of Philosophy in Knez Mihajlova street, on the Bitef Theater building, Mira Trailović Square no.1, in Svetogorska street no.23. on the Raško Dimitrijević home house, on the façade of the Business Centre in Bulevar despota Stefana street no. 12, in the windows of the Botič building in Kralja Petra street no. 14, on the facade of EPS in Jelene Ćetković street no. 2, on Historical Museum of Serbia, Nikola Pašić Square no. 11. and on the building of DOB, Makedonska street no. 22.