Marija Grahovac Karan


Evocatives forces project (Gallery KCB, 2017) represents a series of digital graphics on metallic plates called alubond. Project researched classical graphic principles in the context of contemporary graphics, exploring the technical possibilities of digital printing, through the processes of cutting and mashing graphical prints into multiple horizontal layers, forming 3-dimensional shapes. Alubond reflective surface makes these works adoptable to the environment conditions of the space that surrounds them. Through the looking angle, an even more important element of the representation resurfaces, as that angle influences the interactivity between the work and the observer. Created as an experiment, all these works are making discourse from the traditional graphics, combining the old approach with the new technical possibilities. Works realized as digital graphic prints are mounted to the wall, but using layers, they are reaching out into the space around them, making the buildup and delumination, kind of unique impact.