Marija Grahovac Karan

Born in Belgrade in 1978. Graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade in 2002, Printmaking and Book Design Module; received master’s degree at the same faculty in 2006, and a doctor’s degree in Applied graphics in 2017. Her works have been presented at 16 solo and over 100 group exhibitions in the country and abroad (Belgium, Corea, Hungary, Romania, Italia, Uruguay, Turkey, Croatia, Poland, Russia…). Winner of several national and international awards; the author of and a participant in several local and international workshops and colonies in the field of contemporary graphic art, graphic design and book design; a member of ULUPUDS (Association of Applied Arts Artists and Designers of Serbia); teaches at the College of Fine and Applied Arts Professional Studies in Belgrade.


2014. The Purchase Award of the Ministry of culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia at the exhibition “Small Graphics”, Gallery “Graphic Collective”, Belgrade, Serbia; 2011. The Award of “46. Golden Pen of Belgrade” Ex libris society, Belgrade, Serbia; 2010. Honorable Mention of the “10th International Biennial of miniature art” Gornji Milanovac, Serbia; 2009. The Award of “41. May exhibition – The Light” Museum of Yugoslavian history, Belgrade, Serbia; 2008. The Special Award of “3rd F.I.S.A.E. Competition for CGD Ex-libris” Ghent, Belgium; 2007. The Jury Mention of “Spring exhibition 2007” Belgrade, Serbia; 2005. The Award of “43. Golden Pen of Belgrade” Ex libris society, Belgrade, Serbia; 2002. The Award “Mihailo S. Petrov” Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, Serbia

Solo exhibitions

2017. “Evocatives forces” Art Gallery “Cultural centre in Belgrade” Belgrade, Serbia; 2017. “Evocatives forces #2” Gallery “Centre For Graphic Art & Visual Researches” Belgrade, Serbia; 2016. “Force – graphics in space” Gallery “Magician” Belgrade, Serbia; 2015. “Silver Force” Gallery “Contact” SKC Kragujevac, Serbia; 2013. “Silver Force” Gallery “DOB” Belgrade, Serbia; 2011. “This force is beloved” Gallery “Cultural Center GRAD”, Belgrade, Serbia; 2011. “Colour Force” Gallery “Graphic collective” Belgrade, Serbia; 2011. “Coding” Café-gallery “Izba” Novi Sad, Serbia; 2010. “Coding” Gallery of “SKC Kragujevac” Serbia; 2009. “Forward” Gallery “Centre For Graphic Art & Visual Researches” Belgrade, Serbia; 2008. “Graphic exhibition” Gallery “Belgrade fortress” Belgrade, Serbia; 2008. “Graphic exhibition” The Gallery of “Cultural Center in Sopot” Serbia; 2006. “About love” Gallery “Graphic collective” Belgrade, Serbia; 2006. “About love” Art cafe “Cube” Belgrade, Serbia; 2002. “Bibliophile editions and graphic prints” Gallery “The Belgrade Library” Belgrade, Serbia; 2002. “Graphic exhibition” Gallery “Palette” Cultural Center in Belgrade, Serbia

Group Exhibitions (selection)

2017, 2014. “International Printmaking Triennial”, Cvijeta Zuzorić Art Pavilion, Belgrade; 2016 – 2001. “Small Print Form”, Gallery Graphic Collective, Belgrade; 2016 – 2004. “May exhibition”, Gallery Graphic Collective, Belgrade; 2016, 2014, 2010, 2008. “International mini art biennial”, Gornji Milanovac, Serbia; 2013-2003. “Golden Pen of Belgrade”, International Biennial of Ilustration, Belgrade, Serbia; 2012. “Dialog” Graphic exhibition, “Centre For Graphic Art & Visual Researches ” Belgrade, Serbia; 2008. “3rd F.I.S.A.E. Competition for CGD Ex-libris” Ghent, Belgium; 2007. “Belgrade encounters”, IV International Graphic Workshop, Belgrade, Serbia; 2006. “International competition for printing”, Seul, Corea; 2006, 2004. “International exhibition of Mini Print, Kisgrafika 2004” AMGA, Budapest, Hungary; “International Mini Print – Graphium 2004”, Romania, Serbia & Montenegro, Hungary; “III International Biennial of Graphic Print – Aqua”, Francavilla al Mare, Italia; 2003. “European cities”, International Competition for Mini print and Ex libris, Romania; “I International competition for Ex libris – Ankara”, Turkey; The 4th International Exhibition Ex libris “Man and Fish”, Rijeka University library, Croatia; 2003, 2001. “International Graphic Competition for Ex Libris – Gliwice”, Poland; 2002. “Ex Libris for the French Cultural Centre”, Belgrade, Serbia; “International competition for Ex libris “Bibliophilism or the book love”, Vareze, Italia; 2001. “Ural Print Triennial”, Ufa, Russia

Graphic Workshops

2014. “Art wrapping paper”, authors: Marija Grahovac, Mane Radmanović, Isidora Nikolić, Gallery “U10”, Belgrade, Serbia; 2013. “Emoticons”, workshop authoress, Mikser Festival, Gallery “12Hub”, Belgrade, Serbia; 2013. “Emoticons”, workshop authoress, project: Energy of space, Gallery “KC Grad”, Belgrade, Serbia; 2012. participant of international graphic workshop “Energy of space”, Neuchatel, Switzerland; 2012. participant of “3. Graphic youth workshop” Prolom Banja, Serbia; 2010. participant of “26. international graphic workshop – Graphic 2010”, Smederevo, Serbia; 2007. participant of IV international graphic workshop “Belgrade encounters”, “Centre For Graphic Art & Visual Researches”, Belgrade, Serbia